Adult Fitness Overview

Strong Women. Strong Men. Strong Life.

SGA now offers progressive and personalized fitness classes for both men and women. Our unique approach to fitness gives a variation of intensities and movements by utilizing our gymnastics facility and equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals. All classes are designed to meet you at your current level with no prior gymnastics experience necessary.

Gymnastics for Fitness

This class provides a unique opportunity for you to use gymnastics skills, drills and conditioning as the exercises to enhance and add variety to your fitness lifestyle. SGA’s unique facility allows you to progress safely throughout your personalized workout plan.



Gymnastics Strength & Conditioning

This class provides an opportunity for you to utilize the variety of surfaces and apparatuses in a gymnastics gym to offer unique exercises with safe progressions that a normal gym cannot. This is a personalized class to focus on your own goals, from increasing strength and stability to flexibility to enhance your functional fitness and overall wellness. All levels are welcome!