Hey Crew! The secret is OUT. We are officially moving, and plan to be up and running in our new, bigger, insulated, and slightly closer to town spot by the time the Fall Term begins. Our new space is located at 1444 Tucker Road and is located just past the storage unit buildings on Tucker Road, just past Nobi’s Gas Station. This space is a bit bigger than our current gym space, and is on the HRSD bus route! We are looking for help from the community getting moved and building out the space to work for our Chalk Families. There are a couple ways you can pitch in to help make this a reality..


Our Gofundme is live and accepting donations. These funds go to build parent lounge out, construct our parkour area, and purchase some necessary equipment items including replacing the surface of our gymnastics floor with carpet bonded foam which will allow our velcro equipment to be more stable since velcro doesn’t stick to our current surface. It will also help us to rebuild the wall that we took out to create the current Chalk space that we are now exiting.


Over coming weeks we will be building out lots of equipment items, walls, hanging ropes and rings, and moving all of the equipment from our old space to our new space. Please fill out the form below to be included on emails and texts for volunteer help. We’ll post solid dates and times as soon as our new building is ready to be moved into. Meanwhile the packing up has begun!

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