An special chance for kids of all ages, parents, and family to come play, practice, and have a fun evening in the gym!

Children under the age of five can attend with parental supervision. Kids over five can be dropped off for an additional fee.

A parent-signed waiver needs to be completed to attend open play time! 


All Ages Social | 1 Hour 30 Mins | Drop-Ins & Drop Offs

  • Drop Ins

    • One time $15

    • 6 x Punchcard $75

    • 13x Punchcard $150

  • Drop Offs

    • One time $20

    • 6 x Punchcard $100

    • 13 x Punchcard $200

the benefits of membership!

  • Members of Chalk Gymnastics = Children who are currently enrolled in one of the following programs and attending weekly:

    • Pre School Classes

    • Rec Gymnastics (Opals, Pearls, Garnets, Sapphires, Onyx, Sun Stones, Diamonds)

    • Park Fit

  • Members receive discounts on drop ins and punchcards when purchasing at the front desk.

drop-ins vs. drop offs

Drop Ins:
Parents stay in the gym with their very young children 3 and under or in the lobby monitoring from the screen with children old enough to be in the gym 5 and under without them.

Drop Offs:
Parents may leave if the child is over five, well behaved and in good spirits


  • Adults must stay with their children under the age of 5 at all times.

  • Socks for adults, barefeet for children. No shoes allowed on the gym surfaces.

  • One child on air Trak at a time.

  • The air Trak is one direction only.

  • Please change diapers in the Restrooms and dispose of soiled diapers in the restroom trash.

  • If your child has a potty accident, please notify the supervisor immediately so appropriate cleaning may be done.

  • No food, drink, or shoes allowed in gym spaces.

  • A parent-signed waiver needs to be completed to attend open play time!