• We must have four or more children registered in the class to keep it an active class on our schedule and reserve the right to cancel a class if it doesn't reach the minimums

  • Maximum capacity in recreational classes is eight children per coach. If we receive reservations beyond eight we will add a second coach.

  • Maximum capacity in Parent-Child or Pre-School Classes is six children.

  • Children must attend the same class from week to week.

  • We allow one make-up per month (if there is additional room in a class). This includes class cancellations for holidays and weather closures.

  • Terms, Holidays, Breaks, and Closures follow Hood River County School District's Calendar. Pricing on Prepaid and Autopay memberships account for one week breaks between terms, and we cannot pause memberships or rearrange membership scheduling based on the one week breaks between terms.

  • Fall 2018 Season is sixteen weeks September 10 - Dec 21. We will reserve your spot in the class from week to week. Please let us know two weeks in advance if you’d like to cancel your autorenewing membership.

  • When setting up your profile, please follow these rules for fastest placement

    • Membership MUST be in Child's Name (for roster)

      • Please don't purchase in a Parent Name

      • Emergency Contact must be provided.

      • Waiver must be signed online or in person

      • Annual registration fees of $35/child will be charged the first week of the month following class registration.

      • Upon completion, click the reserve class time button below to specify which class you’d like to attend.

Bill Monthly. If purchasing prior to season start, set the date for the contract to start on Sept 10

Pay in advance for two or four months.