Advanced Competitive Gymnastics

*Coach invitation only

Gymnasts ready for Pearls show the understanding of basic gymnastics skills, body awareness, focus, and overall strength and tightness on all four events. Pearls will move at a fast pace through class while learning to work independently on stations, as teammates and with coach’s assistance. Pearls will also get the opportunity to learn routines with major skill focus on round offs, back handsprings, mill circle, and handstands on beam.

This is an invite only class. Chalks very first competitive team! This class will focus on building strength and new skills as well as learning USAG routines. We will participate in at least four gymnastics meets!

Gymnastics is a year-round sport and Chalk’s Team practices run continuously throughout the year. We have found that in gymnastics, significant time off may result in skill loss or injury upon return. Each Athlete is expected to train a specified amount of hours at their designated training times while on this gymnastics team. Training schedules remain consistent throughout the year, though occasionally classes are added to accommodate more athletes. Training schedules will be distributed through email. Leo’s on, hair pulled back for each practice.


Class Length

1 hour 50 minutes: 3x per week

Interested in other classes?
Check out our live schedule.

Interested in other classes? Check out our live schedule.