Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves.
— Unknown

Designed to progress from class to class, ParkFit 1 teaches the fundamentals of parkour, promotes better strength and mobility, and emphasizes the relationship between the two. Students will learn basic skills including moving quadrupedally, landing, rolling, falling, balancing, and jumping. Additionally, students will apply these skills to complete mental challenges, complex movement combinations, and obstacle courses.

Meets 1x/Week for 60 Minutes

Ages 6-7: Monday 3:30-4:30pm
Ages 8-10:  Tuesday  3:45-4:45pm 
Ages 11+: Tuesday 5:00-6:00pm
More classes coming, stay posted!

MEETS: 1x/Week for 1 Hour
PREPAY: 2 MONTH $156 | 4 MONTH $312